If you are looking for additional support in training up people in your firm or finding new ones with the relevant skills, we can help.

Forward thinking employers understand the benefit of outsourcing their training challenges. We know first hand the time and effort that is needed to train staff – from identifying the need, to creating the content and then delivering the training requires a certain skillset. Qualifications are just one part of the puzzle, and with well recognised bodies such as CII and CISI, many already know their preferred route. What we feel isn’t as well known is the much-needed practical skills training to do the day job effectively. And that’s why, we do what we do…

Our ‘Courses’ page shows a range of courses we have available – from full programme of study to help individuals learn the ropes of a new role, short courses on hot subject matters or express topics to make sure their knowledge is kept up to date.


We can also help you find your new recruit…

If you have yet to find the perfect person for you, we also operate a recruitment model. We have a database of people brand-new to financial services that have gone through, or are going through one of our courses, their experience and qualifications, and their interest in new roles.

We work on a fixed recruitment fee basis, much lower than traditional recruiters, and will work hard to ensure the right fit with your business and that the candidate has the necessary skills.

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