• Q: Who can sign up to this course?
    This is for anyone, regardless of whether they have existing financial services experience or not. A degree isn’t needed; just a passion to develop your own career and bring your enthusiasm to our profession! For people who may already have some of the financial services qualifications, we are able to adapt the course, and associated cost, to match this. Just let us know your situation when you complete the sign up form.
  • Q: What time commitment is required?
    The course structure lists the number of webinars and classroom sessions that you will be expected to attend. Some of these will be during normal work hours, and so you should check with your employer that they can support this commitment. In addition, you will need to study the course material for your exams, usually done in the student’s own time outside of work hours – unless they have an extremely supportive employer!
  • Q: What happens if an exam is failed?
    The cost of your course covers one sitting of each exam, and we aim to provide sufficient training and support to enable you to pass first time. In the event that you do not, you will need to re-sit the exam and cover the cost yourself. We have allowed a buffer in the training schedule to enable a resit to be done, without impacting on the overall timing of the course.
  • Q: What about if I already have some of the exams?
    We have streamlined versions of some of the courses available, that will accommodate your existing qualifications and experience. Simply drop us a line and we can talk through the options with you.
  • Q: What happens at the end of the course?
    You get to celebrate – hard! We will have a lovely graduation ceremony, with your fellow course delegates, with a glass or two of fizz and we will encourage you to remain part of the community and be kept up to date with future happenings.
  • Q: You refer to PFS membership, not CII. What’s the difference?
    The PFS membership is now for people studying for a financial services qualification. It will enable you to use the PFS designation, at the end of your studies. The PFS membership provides access to the PFS and CII websites. Both sites share the same log in details and look similar, for ease. CII membership is now for people who study for an insurance qualification. They will be able to use the CII designation at the end of their studies. Due to the recent changes, some of you may still refer to the PFS as the CII…... We’ll try to stick with the PFS but we’ll understand either!
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