• Q: Who can sign up to this course?
    This is for anyone, regardless of whether they have existing financial services experience or not. A degree isn’t needed; just a passion to develop your own career and bring your enthusiasm to our profession! For people who may already have some of the financial services qualifications, we are able to adapt the course, and associated cost, to match this. Just let us know your situation when you complete the sign up form.
  • Q: What time commitment is required?
    This varies depending on what course you undertake, but each course information page should explain the extent of the training and gives suggested number of hours. That said, it's absolutely down to the individual. We created online courses specifically so that people can study at a time and pace that suits them personally - we know that life is busy and we all have our own committments to fulfil! All modules / courses are broken down into bitesize units, making it easy to dip in and out of the train as and when people have the time.
  • Q: What happens at the end of the course?
    All of our content is CPD certified which means that at the end of course, you'll be sent your certificate to evidence your CPD and an Art of Finance badge to proudly display!
  • Q. Do you offer exam training support for your online courses too?
    The short answer is, not yet! But we intend to. There are a number of great exam training provider already so we're working hard to create a solution which retains our difference whilst also presenting value back to the learner.
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