Lingo Bingo

Let’s have some fun.

Willingly or unwillingly, many of us have become somewhat online presenting extraordinaires over the last couple of months. Now we’re all more familiar with the technology and the format of video calls has become second nature, Lingo Bingo is a chance to inject a little bit of fun on your next video call.  Whether it be Skype, Zoom, Teams et al, the chance to have some fun is endless! Disclaimer; make sure you pick your right moment to play – think team gatherings, not board-level meetings!

How to play.

The concept is simple. Think a classic game of bingo but instead of numbers, you’re listening out for well-known phrases or likely situations to cross off your board. Players will need a board each (we’ve included 4 boards here in our game pack) and the first to call ‘full house’ will be crowned as the winner.

Little tip: If you’re planning on doing this under the radar, agree a code word with your fellow players (to avoid the strange looks you’ll get as you yell ‘house’) and be creative on how you can shoehorn it into the conversation!

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