The future of financial services.

Our goal at The Art of Finance is to train the people that will make up the future of financial services, in an interesting, creative and informative way. These aren’t always words associated with finance – and we are well aware of the perception of finance as a bit dull and bit ‘old school’.

This couldn’t be further from the truth; finance is undergoing a revolution, with technology rapidly changing the way it is delivered, and a whole new wave of young, vibrant and innovative people choosing it as their career, therefore helping progress the evolution.


Passionate about finance.

The Art of Finance was created by people already working in finance, who have a real passion for it and are truly focused on helping develop it further, so it’s fit for the modern generation. Those people are The Verve Group.

The Art of Finance was born out of the ambition to make people outside the profession, discover how rewarding a career in finance is – and help those already in financial services, build a fulfilled career and achieve their own goals and ambitions.

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