The Art of Supervising

The Art of Supervising

This course is designed for you to explore the role of a supervisor, including main duties and ways to implement effective supervision on a company wide basis, tailored to your team.


This course is designed to provide learners with practical training to implement more effective supervision, whilst also looking at regulation, so that you can ensure that your firm is up to date with the guidance surrounding supervision, training & competency.

The course content is broken down into bitesize chunks, with defined topics (see next tab) for you to work through at your own pace.

What you’ll learn
  • Factors that affect supervision
  • The 7 Golden Rules of Suitability
  • The key competencies of a supervisor, and methods of supervision
  • A greater understanding of how supervision already works at your firm
  • How to maximise roles and styles within your team as part of your supervising
This course includes
  • Access to 4 hours online content
  • Networking opportunities with the learning community
  • Support from a course tutor
  • Technical assistance
  • End of course assessment
This course is defined by four units. They are:
  • The role of a supervisor
  • Supervision & regulation
  • Supervisor competencies & methods of supervision
  • Leadership, behavioural and learner models
Download the Course Guide on the right, to read more about the learning objectives for each of the four units.
This courses is suitable for individuals who:
  • already have a supervisory responsibility within a financial planning firm
  • are thinking of moving into a supervisory role
  • are in any kind of management role within an advice firm
  • are in an operational role and need to understand the framework of adviser management and competency
  • are in a compliance role and would like to understand how supervising works

Essentially, if understanding the structure around adviser competency, and ensuring you get the most out of the team within your firm, is relevant to you – then this course is for you.

The price of this course is £200 + VAT.

Completion requirements

The whole course requires completing, along with the end of course assessment. This has a minimum pass mark of 65% to be achieved in order to successfully pass the course.

Upon completion of this course, you will be recognised as having attained the Art of Supervising training course, from The Art of Finance.


In addition, all of our content has been CPD Certified, meaning that all your time and investment is nationally recognised. Upon completion of your course, you’ll be sent your Art of Finance kitemark and CPD certificate to acknowledge your successful skills training and evidence for your firm’s compliance.



£200 + VAT




4 hours

Half day


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