The sessions.

We know learning a new subject can be daunting so we thought that we’d let you into a few secrets to make sure you keep those ‘first day at school’ type nerves at bay…

The study materials.

Ahead of the Welcome Session, you’ll recieve your Study Handbook in the post. It’s a handy file which is ready and waiting to care for your notes for each module, including an activity sheet to prompt some reflection in advance of, and at the end of each session.

In terms of the study materials, we have partnered with Bespoke Training Solutions and use their study guides – we find them much more effective and easier to digest than the CII materials! You’ll recieve them one at a time from us; typically a month or two before the face-to-face study days (this may differ depending on tax year updates); and along with pre-reading guidance so you know which chapters to focus on meaning you’re well prepared for the session.

During your Welcome Session, we’ll look at LearnUpon – our online learning platform – together so you can start to familiarise yourself with the system. After each module, you’ll recieve an email to access all the learning materials – presentation slides, activity materials and additional resources (such as glossaries and cribsheets) – from that session.  There’ll also be a ‘In The Workplace’ section which is usually activity based prompts designed to embed your learning and apply your new knowledge to benefit your workplace.

The face-to-face sessions.

The schedule of dates and venues can be found in your Welcome Pack email as a downloadable PDF so make sure they’re noted in your diary! Fear not, you’ll receive a reminder email, usually about a week before each session, to clarify any last minute venue/time changes!

Practically speaking, all sessions will start at 9.30am, so aim to arrive from 9am to give yourself time to get settled (with a brew!) and ready for a prompt start, and will close no later than 4.30pm.

But above all else, take comfort in knowing that all the classroom sessions have been designed to be a relaxed learning environment – so no class clowns and no teachers pets, just people like you who are working towards the same goal, and fuelled by the same ambition to succeed!
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